# Rich's Test Site How did you get here? <a href="mailto:rich.brown@richb-hanover.com?Subject=I% 20got%20to%20test.richb-hanover.com%20by%20..."> (I'm curious - let me know...)</a> But since you've come all this way, I suppose I could show you something interesting... If you're terminally curious, check out my other sites: - [Test My Internet](http://testmyinter.net) - [Random Neurons Firing](https://RandomNeuronsFiring.com) - [The Juggler Man](http://thejugglerman.com) - [Blueberry Hill Software](http://blueberryhillsoftware.com) - [LARTC Redesign, using Bootstrap](lartc-redesign) - [LCDC Results from March 2019](https://richb-hanover.github.io/LCDC/) #### About this page This page was crafted using the (extremely slick) strapdown.js package. It's just a static text file with Markdown text inside `<xmp>` tags. See [strapdown.js](http://strapdownjs.com/) for more info.